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The owner of SMACKDOWN! is...
Vincent K. McMahon Jr. owns 100% of the WWE. Read Monday Night Raw Is War Spoiler for details.

WWE SMACKDOWN! Main Wrestlers
WWE Undesputed Champion - Hulk Hogan
WWE Women's Champion - Trish Stratus

Al Snow, Albert, The Big Valbowski, Billy Gunn, Billy Kidman, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Christain, Chuck Palumbo, D-Von Dudley, Diamond Dallas Page, Edge, Faarooq, Funaki, GodFather, The Hurricane, Ivory, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, Maven, Rikishi, The Rock, Tajiri, Triple H, Torrie Wilson, Scotty 2 Hotty, Saturn, Stacy Keibler, Lance Storm, Tazz, Test

WWE Thursday Night SmackDown! spoiler
SmackDown! Results, 6/13/02
Triple H goes ballistic on SmackDown!
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A team of security guards was in the ring as the June 13 episode of SmackDown! kicked off from the BI-LO Center in Greenville, S.C. A large table and a red carpet were set up inside the ring. Mr. McMahon - now the 100-percent owner of World Wrestling Entertainment - then headed to the ring. As he did so, Michael Cole and Tazz questioned what his win over Ric Flair on RAW meant for the brand extension.

A gloating Mr. McMahon stood atop the table, saying he'd put his life on the line last Monday night, and had won. He said WWE was his life. Mr. McMahon said that in real life, powerful individuals only become more powerful, and the filthy rich only become more rich. He said the people in the crowd were the less fortunate, and he knew it was important for them to get their minds off the daily grind and their miserable existence, and he accepted that responsibility by entertaining them. He promised to entertain them on SmackDown!, and they would start with a contract signing for the main event of King of the Ring.

Mr. McMahon welcomed Undisputed WWE Champion Undertaker and Triple H. The WWE owner made the men stand on opposite sides of the security guards. He told the superstars to calm down and behave as gentlemen. Taker signed the contract first, and then Mr. McMahon told Triple H to have a seat and sign the contract - and The Game tossed the chair from the ring. Triple H then signed the contract, and Mr. McMahon said the match at King of the Ring was now official.

Mr. McMahon's music played, and the WWE owner left the ring, as did the security guards. That left Taker and The Game to talk smack to each other. Triple H stuck his finger in Triple H's face, and suddenly security guards ran at him and held him back, as Undertaker brutally assaulted a helpless Game! He knocked Triple H from the ring with a big boot to the head. Outside the ring, Triple H fought off the security guards, and then grabbed a sledgehammer. Undertaker ran from the ring as The Game used the sledgehammer to destroy the desk.

Triple H screamed for Undertaker to come back, telling Mr. McMahon to bring Taker to the ring, or Vince wouldn't have a show. He said he wasn't leaving the ring until he got a piece of Undertaker. The Game promised he would become Undisputed WWE Champion at King of the Ring, but right now, he just wanted the Undertaker's ass. He told Vince to bring him Taker, or it would be a really long night. The Game tossed a security guard into the ring and gave him a Pedigree.

After a commercial, Billy & Chuck came out (carrying steel chairs), accompanied by Rico. Rico was supposed to face off with Rikishi, but Triple H was still in the ring. Rico asked what The Game thought he was doing, saying he was supposed to compete tonight. Chuck asked Triple H what part of this he didn't understand. Billy told Triple H to move out of the ring before they moved him out.
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Triple H told Billy he was really glad that Billy and his "partner" had found a whole new meaning to the phrase "Suck it!" but if Billy were to be coming to the ring, the only thing he would be sucking on was the edge of the sledgehammer! Billy, Chuck and Rico headed for the ring, and Billy ran face-first into the sledgehammer, which cracked Billy's chair right into his skull!

Triple H said he was getting tired of waiting, and said that if Vince wanted a show, he should send Undertaker to the ring to get his ass kicked. He said he was prepared to stay in the ring all night long. The Game then changed his mind, and said that if Vince didn't send Undertaker down, there would be no more SmackDown! Triple H said you couldn't have SmackDown! without an announcer's table, and The Game then destroyed the announcer's table! He also destroyed television monitors, ringside tables - whatever got in his way!

Triple H got back in the ring and said this was starting to cost Vince a whole lot of money. He said it was about to get more expensive - and he grabbed a camera from the cameraman in the ring. He set it up on a chair, and pointed out that the cameras run about ,000 each. The Game looked into the camera and told Vince to send Taker out now, or he would lose 50 grand.

The Game held his sledgehammer high above his head and was about to smash the camera when Vince ran out. He told Triple H to hold on, and said he would give The Game what he wanted - not because Triple H was holding the show hostage and destroying things, but because he always gives the fans what they want. He said he thought the fans would like to see Triple H vs. Undertaker tonight - but not the way The Game wanted.

Mr. McMahon announced that tonight on SmackDown!, it would be the Undertaker teaming up with Kurt Angle against Triple H and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Triple H said that suited him just fine, but he first had a message for Vince and the Dead Man - see you in hell! Triple H then destroyed the ,000 camera with the sledgehammer!

In a King of the Ring Qualifying Match, Test took on WWE Cruiserweight Champion The Hurricane. Hurricane went for the chokeslam, but Test powered out. Test went for the pump-handle, but Hurricane countered. Test soon hit the "Test Drive" to pick up the pinfall win and to advance to the King of the Ring tournament.

After the bout, Jamie Noble and Nidia headed to the ring. Noble grabbed a mic and talked smack to Hurricane. Nidia was about to slap Hurricane, but instead took his mask off and then slapped him! Noble wrapped Nidia in Hurricane's cape and kissed her, and Nidia presented him with Hurricane's mask.

In the final King of the Ring Qualifying Match, Tajiri battled Hardcore Holly. A fast-paced and exciting bout saw Tajiri score with the kick to the head and the Tarantula, but Hardcore fought back, and scored the Alabama Slam to pick up the pinfall and advance to the King of the Ring Tournament.

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Backstage, Chris Jericho was watching footage of his brutal attack on Edge on last week's SmackDown! Jericho said he was the King of the World. He was then approached by Big Valbowski. Valbowski said he bet Jericho felt like he was hot stuff after his attack last week. Valbowski said he would stick his foot in Jericho's ass tonight, and then Y2J would truly know the meaning of the phrase "larger than life!"

In tag action, Valbowski and Kidman took on Jericho and Lance Storm. With Storm down, Kidman nailed him with a Shooting Star Press, only to have Jericho pull referee Brian Hebner out of the ring as Hebner went to count the fall. Moments later, Kidman kicked out of a Storm pinfall attempt, and shortly thereafter, Kidman rolled up Storm for the pinfall. After the bout, Storm complained that his shoulder was up on the pinfall. Replays showed that Storm did indeed get his shoulder up, but the ref simply didn't see it.

Marc Loyd interviewed Hollywood Hulk Hogan about the tag match main event on SmackDown! Hogan said he couldn't be happier, but first things first. He talked about his match with Triple H last week on SmackDown!, and said he knew The Game would defeat Undertaker for the Undisputed Title at King of the Ring. Hogan talked about Angle's attack from behind last week, saying Angle wasn't man enough to handle him one-on-one. He said he and Angle were a lot alike, both being American icons and former champions. Hogan said they were also both bald! He said the one difference was that he lost his hair to Mother Nature, while Angle got punked out by Edge. Hogan said if Angle had a problem with that, maybe they should fight at King of the Ring! Hogan said he was calling Angle out, daring him to take him on. Hogan said if Angle didn't have the "sack" to answer him, he would send him a message later in the night on SmackDown! He then asked what Angle was gonna do at King of the Ring, when he and his Hulkamaniacs ripped that wig off Angle's head?

Lance Storm walked up to referee Brian Hebner, asking what had happened during the fall, since his shoulder was up. Hebner said he didn't know he made a mistake. Storm said Hebner's family had a history of screwing over great Canadians! He said Hebner was a typical American, seeing what he wanted, instead of what was actually out there.

Marc Loyd interviewed Tough Enough 2 winner Linda. After some footage from last week's Velocity - which saw Jackie help Ivory defeat Linda - Linda said that she'd found a tag partner for tonight's tag match against Ivory and Jackie, WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus!

On his cell phone backstage, Vince couldn't believe that Triple H had destroyed a ,000 camera! Kurt Angle entered Vince's office, and Vince said Kurt was looking good. Kurt said he wouldn't be looking good for long if Hogan's promise were true. Angle accepted Hogan's challenge for King of the Ring, but said it would hurt if Hulk were to pull the roots of his newly grown hair right out of his scalp. Vince laughed, and Kurt told Mr. McMahon his hair was real. Taker walked into the locker room, asking about Vince's decision to put them in a ring with Triple H, who he called a lunatic. Vince said he knew it was a calculated risk, but much like his risk with Ric Flair Monday night, he knew Taker and Angle would pull it out. He said taking Angle and Undertaker was a pretty safe bet.

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Accompanied by Deacon Batista, Reverend D-Von stood in the ring to deliver his next sermon. He said tonight's sermon was all about masturbation, which he called a sin. He said all the masturbators in the audience would surely burn in hell. He said he used to partake in that, but no more. He implored the people to leave "that thing" alone.

Faarooq's music then blared, and out came the former APA member. He asked D-Von what the hell was wrong with him. He questioned the fact that D-Von didn't masturbate anymore. Faarooq said guess what - he does! Faarooq added that he about to get real sinful on D-Von's ass! In fact, Faarooq hit the Dominator within a minute, and pinned D-Von for the pinfall victory!

In divas tag action, WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus and Linda took on Ivory and Jackie. As the match began, it was announced that Molly Holly would receive a title shot against Trish at King of the Ring. Linda went to attack Jackie as the match began, but Ivory and Trish pulled them apart. Trish soon picked up the win for her team, pinning Ivory after the Stratus-faction bulldog.

Backstage, Mr. McMahon was in his office when Stacy Keibler entered. Stacy said she wished she could have been there Monday night when he beat Ric Flair. She asked if he really owned everything, and he said it was true. Vince said since Monday, he was starting to feel more like himself. He said there was a side of him that even she hadn't seen before. He said from now on, she was always to refer to him as Mr. McMahon. Someone knocked on the door, and Stacy was going to go get it, but Mr. McMahon told her to get something else instead - and he gave her a big kiss! Stacy looked disgusted as she was kissing Mr. McMahon, but afterwards, she gave him a big smile!

As he walked to the ring for his match, Hulk Hogan ran into Undertaker and Kurt Angle, who viciously double-teamed him. As they left Hogan lying, Taker told Angle "one down, one to go."

The main event on SmackDown! pitted Undisputed WWE Champion Undertaker and Kurt Angle against Triple H and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. However, due to the attack he suffered just moments earlier, Hogan never made it out to the ring, so The Game was left to fend for himself.

Triple H attacked Angle as the Olympic hero was heading to the ring. A crazed Game then went after the Undisputed Champion. Angle and Taker soon used the numbers game to their advantage to dominate Triple H. The American hero and the American Badass methodically took The Game apart, but Triple H wouldn't stay down.
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The Game cracked Taker across the back with a steel chair on the outside, and then grabbed his sledgehammer. He nailed Taker in the gut with the weapon, as the referee called for the bell on a disqualification. Taker gained control, and the two fought on the outside, where The Game nailed Taker repeatedly with the sledgehammer.

Angle attacked Triple H from behind and drove him into the ringpost. Angle nailed The Game with an Angle Slam. As Angle walked up the ramp in celebration, he was attacked from behind by a limping Hulk Hogan, who took it to the gold medalist. Hogan tossed Angle into the ring, where Triple H and Hogan double-teamed him. Hogan told Triple H to give Angle a Pedigree, but Angle backdropped Triple H. The Game tried to pull Angle over with him, but instead just wound up pulling down Angle's tights!

As Angle struggled to pull his tights back up, Hogan pulled Angle's wig off! Hogan put Angle's wig on top of his own head as a bald Angle got a Pedigree from Triple H! The Game and Hogan stood tall as SmackDown! went off the air!

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