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Ross Report (5/17) - Benoit, Kanyon, Kane, DDP, The Rock, more
Jim Ross has updated his weekly "Ross Report" over at WWE.com. Here are the main notes from the update:
-Jazz had surgery yesterday on her torn ACL. She will be out for at least four months.

-DDP saw Dr. Lloyd Youngblood yesterday about his neck/back problems. His C5, C6 and C7 vertebrae have a lot of degeneration. He is also suffering from a spinal canal narrowing which is causing weakness in his biceps. His C3 and C4 have almost completely fused together on their own. Dr. Youngblood said that DDP could continue wrestling as long as he can tolerate the pain.

-Chris Kanyon has been released from doctor's care, and will be in Louisville till the end of the month to get back into shape.

-Kane is progressing well with his rehab, and he will have an evaluation on June 3rd.

-Kevin Nash will be out of the ring for at least another three weeks due to his biceps injury. He is currently rehabbing.

-Chris Benoit is continuing his in-ring workouts in Cincinnati. It is expected that he will be at 100% by the end of June.

-Perry Saturn is currently rehabbing his injured knee (after ACL surgery) and an injured shoulder.

-The Rock will have an MRI to determine the severity of his knee problem.

-Mike Awesome will see his doctor on June 9th, and he expects to return after that appointment. He will go to Cincinnati for a few weeks to get rid of any ring-rust.

-Rhyno is continuing to make progress after having neck surgery six months ago. He will be out for approximately another six months.

-Scotty 2 Hotty has returned home, and is in a neck brace. He will be out of action for about a year.

-JR comments on all the matches that will take place this Sunday at Judgment Day.

-Tickets for theAugust 10th event in Melbourne, Australia go on sale this coming Monday.

-Ross plans on visiting OVW and HWA next week.

WWE News
Vince McMahon is on "On The Record" with Bob Costas. Check local listing for time and channel.